Prince Zapata

Wearing: One Hundred Tides

Model: Ashley Norris

Instagram: @prince.zapata

Instagram has many different layers. For some it has become something to scroll through, aimlessly, endlessly comparing with those who seem to have the ‘perfect life’. For me however, it’s a space to discover new artists, to feel inspired by beautiful photography and to connect with people all over the world.

 My most recent discovery is Prince Zapata:

 Prince is a talented photographer, based in Topanga, California. I remember seeing his work for the first time and instantly feeling captured by his black and white images. Mainly portraying his mesmerizing girlfriend Ashley. Every image feels like a personal story. It feels like an intimate capture of raw beauty, playfulness, sensuality, light and shadows. 

Without further ado, I bring you the (first) collaboration between Prince Zapata / One Hundred Tides.



Scan 41.jpg
Scan 72.jpg
Scan 53.jpg
Scan 88.jpg
Scan 71.jpg
Scan 15.jpg
Scan 3.jpg
Scan 90.jpg
Scan 99.jpg
Eline de Jong